Clean Beauty Spring Must Haves

Spring is here in Seattle and it came just when we needed it, which seems to always be the case.

It’s a funny season here, it lasts forever - like March to 4th of July - and we can start the day really cool but have incredibly pleasant weather in the afternoon. We still have rain and gray days, but it’s definitely the time of year where I always am surprised by how strong the sun is the first few times we go to the park and I forget sunscreen.

It is noticeably different out than it was say, two weeks ago, and the change leads me to try new products, switch out some of my heavy winter creams, and crave a little color. Here are a few clean beauty products that I’m loving and are perfect for spring.


Clean Beauty Spring Favorites

Beauty by Earth Self Tanner. I’m off to Phoenix later this week and my legs have not seen the sun in months. This is something I’m actually fine with, I’m never going to look like I have a tan, that’s just me. But I do get asked about safer sunless tanner options frequently this time of year and I’m certainly not opposed to losing a bit of my translusense, so I picked this up on the recommendation of a few friends. Overall, I’m impressed. I’ve only used it once and my legs do have a nice glow and are not quite at bright white. I have some streaking on my feet and my knees, but I think that’s on me, not the product. I never use an exfoliator and I’m not super into body products, but I think if I took a little bit more care of my skin in these areas it would have been a more even application. I’m going to try again when my knees are less scaly.

Beautycounter Countermatch Body Lotion and Lemongrass Sugar Body Scrub. Originally, I was only going to include the body lotion, but after seeing how I haven’t really been taking care of my knees/feet/ankles and they need some extra help, I’m committing to using the body scrub as well. Am I the only person that is sort of annoyed by having to use body products? I feel like they take up precious alone shower time, but I can totally see the difference after just one use of the body scrub. The scrub is perfect for exfoliating dry winter legs and the lotion is nice and light for this time of year, but still very hydrating.

Ella + Mila nail polish. Over on IG Stories I’ve been sharing all the clean beauty finds I’m discovering at Target. I’ve been really impressed lately with the brands they are bringing in, making safer products more accessible. At my store, there is a full display of safer nail polish options, and I recently picked up a my first Ella + Mila color and a top coat. I’ve been really impressed with the wear and the color, Pinktini, is perfect for spring. For little ones, they are now carrying Piggy Paint in stores, too. This is what I used on P as it’s water based, so no chemical fumes, which are in even the cleanest of brands.

Billie Razor. I only ever share products I use and like myself, but I’m taking sharing about Billie to the extreme. I already mentioned them in my February Favorites post and I did an IGTV episode about it. So it’s safe to say I’m a fan. Billie is a subscription razor made for women but without the upcharge that we often see on women’s products. I love the function first of all, if it didn’t work well I wouldn’t bother with it. But I also love the aesthetic, the price, and the fact that it automatically sends me new blades. If you’re into shaving legs and looking for something new for spring and summer, I highly recommend.

Beautycounter Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer. I deal with more red skin in winter due to my super dry skin (though this new routine is really helping) so I prefer the coverage in Tint Skin, but once the sun is out and the heater is not on as much, I am all about Dew Skin. The coverage is perfect for evening out skin tone, plus it has SPF which is nice for morning park trips. Remember that no matter what type of SPF you are using (chemical, mineral, in a moisturizer, tint, or on it’s own), it is only good for 90 min to two hours. A morning application does not protect you all day. I carry a small face stick with me if we end up outside in the afternoons.

That’s it for me! I’m not a huge product junkie and prefer to keep things minimal YET EFFECTIVE. I’ve learned the hard way that minimal just for the sake of minimal is not always best - hello, still trying to repair my skin’s moisture layer. It might be getting close to 40, but I’m learning that a few extra products can make a big difference!

Are there any clean beauty products you are loving right now? Share them in the comments so we can check them out!

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