Four Things at Four

Dear Peanut,

Today, you turn four.

Things are different this year. You are no longer a toddler, you are a little girl.

Your independence has grown by leaps and bounds in the last twelve months.

You go to a drop off dance class. You prefer people to call you by a name other than the one we gave you. You have interest in things you don’t learn about at home, but from friends and school.

peanut four years.png

If I stop right now and close my eyes, wanting to etch just a few things in to my memory about you right now, here is what I want to remember:

You love connection. People are your thing. Physical, mental, all the connections. I’ll be honest and say that it’s not always easy for me. I am not touchy feely and I like my alone time. But when I hear your teachers talk about how you play with everyone and other kids gravitate towards you, I can only imagine how you might channel this gift as you grow older. Last weekend you and I went on a sushi date together and the joy in your face the entire time reminded me how much focused time means to you.

You love imaginary play. The other day you dressed up as a firefighter chef doctor and that’s pretty normal for an afternoon around here. You have purple heels you wear when you are playing doctor and you can’t be in the role without them. You spend hours playing restaurant with your brother. Your made up name for a while was Koana but lately you want to be called Cleopatra.

You desperately want to learn to read. You ask us to tell you all the words in books while pointing to them and there are a few books that you “read” to yourself or to C. You are starting to understand the basics of phonics and I don’t think it will be too long until you are able to read yourself.

You have style. You pick out all your own clothes and try to match Penelope, your doll, as closely as possible most days. You love to accessorize and I know you think an outing is important if you bring your purse. Specially the “around the neck” (crossbody) bag you asked Santa for and talked about for MONTHS before Christmas. You love lipgloss. You don’t, however, like to have your hair brushed or wear anything in your hair.

I hope you know how much you are loved. I can’t wait to see what the next four years with you look like.