Tips for Online Bra Shopping

Online Bra Shopping Tips

A few months ago, I decided to finally do something about my sad bra situation. I had two bras, one was five years old (from before I was ever pregnant the first time) and the other was a nursing bra. I stopped nursing in February 2018. I write this in June 2019. At some point I also bought a few bralettes that I loved for a short time, then just found them a pain to get in and out of.

And let’s not talk about my sports bras. They are from Old Navy (totally fine), but I’m pretty sure I purchased them in 2012 when I started at a new Crossfit box. They have very little elastic left, and what is left is all mangled and doesn’t sit flat.

So, being the good introvert that I am, I took to the internet for new bras. I figured I’d give it a try and if it was unsuccessful, I could always go to Nordstrom and have someone professionally measure me. But using child free time (or taking both children with me) to be fondled (professionally, of course) is sort of at the bottom of my list of things I want to do.

Lucky for me, it was actually quite successful. I’m now the proud owner of three bras, one sort of bralette (that isn’t as much of a struggle to get in and out of), a tank with a built in bra, and four new sports bras.

Tips for Online Bra Shopping

1. Use sites that have an online quiz to help you narrow down styles and choose the right size. I’m sure nothing matches the skills of a professional, but I found bras I love and that fit well using the quizzes on both Third Love and True & Co. I wanted to check out Soma as well, but their bra finder involves ordering something you wear on your back to collect data and that just wasn’t going to happen.

2. Shop sites with free returns. Third Love, True & Co and Pact all have free returns. I only ended up needing to return to Third Love, and it was a painless process. My refund came through a few weeks after I sent the bra back, which is pretty average for online returns. They also all had free shipping with a certain amount of product purchased.

3. Buy more than just the styles recommended and buy a variety of styles. The bra that Third Love recommended as the best choice for me was the most uncomfortable bra I tried on, left a big red welt on my left side, and the one item I returned. The other two bras I purchased from them are the same size, so I don’t think it was a sizing issue.

My Favorite Picks

I’m not sure how helpful sharing my actual purchases is because we are all so different, but here we go! For reference… I’m not well-endowed.

Third Love

I started with Third Love because I loved their open letter response to Victoria’s Secret. They also have the more comprehensive quiz of the few I took. You can use this link to save $15 on your first purchase.

24/7 Lace Contour Plunge Bra - I can tell you that in the last four years of babies and nursing and all that fun stuff, I have never once put on an article of clothing and felt sexy. Until I put on this bra. I don’t wear it a ton (it works best for me under thicker shirts and darker colors - I got Earl Grey because they didn’t have a neutral available in my size), but when I do I just love it and feel like tiny humans don’t touch me all day.

24/7 Seamless Stripe Wireless Bra - I really wanted a comfy wireless bra and this one is perfect. Side note: It was really hard to find a non-bralette wireless bra. Maybe other retailers I didn’t look at have more, but definitely opportunity here. I feel like it’s not quite as perky as the others, but it’s so comfortable. I wouldn’t say I want to wear it 24/7, but I do enjoy wearing it while it’s on.

True & Co

I ordered from True & Co just to make sure the customer experience was good - I actually ordered two bras with the intent of returning one to try out returns. But I loved them both and kept them. You can save $25 on your first purchase using this link.

True Lingerie Madison Lace Plunge Bra - I didn’t really need another regular everyday bra, but this one is super comfy and sits really well under t-shirts and thin cotton, which is what I wear most of the time.

True Body Triangle Convertible Strap Bra - This is the bra I thought I would return, but I’m in love. It’s the perfect cross between a regular bra and a bralette. It offers a little more shape than a bralette (has thin removable pads), and it’s more bra material (all my bralettes are a thicker lace material), so I feel like it’s much easier to get on and off.


I’ve been wanting to order from Pact for a while based on their mission and I’m so happy I did. As I need to replace basics, I’ll definitely be switching over to Pact where I can. You can save 20% on your first purchase with this link. I’m just highlighting the bras here but also love the underwear I picked up and while the yoga pants don’t quite meet Athleta level love, I do like them.

Black Strappy Sports Bra - I ordered one to begin with (when you are used to spending $5 on a sports bra, $30 is steep), but after wearing it twice I grabbed three more the next time I saw they had a sale. The strappy is cute but not difficult to get into and I really like the fit. Again, not well endowed, so I’m not going to offer my thoughts on support here.

Shelf Bra Camisole - I have been looking for a good shelf bra camisole since they went out of style in like 2004. So comfy to throw on under another shirt and not have to worry about a bra. Loving this one and sad I forgot to grab another in my last order.

I’m well stocked on bras now but if you have other online favorites please share in the comments for others!

Online bra shopping tips.