May 2019 Book Review

May was a fun month for reading! Every book was a random selection, whether from the library or Audible - nothing came from a list or a recommendation. I got lucky, because usually my random library selections end up going back after a chapter or two.

I’m still really amazed I’m keeping up with my intention of four books a month. I have a few more right now that are more than half way, so I’m starting to wonder if this might be the year I finally read 52 books? But I also know there are still 7 months that can totally get away from me, so I’ll just stick with being happy I’m currently on track and have made good on my intention to scroll less in the evenings and during downtime.

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May Books

The Last Romantics - A random library selection that I really enjoyed. It’s one of those novels that follows a family over years, lots of characters, but when done well it’s easy to keep track of everyone and their stories. This follows four siblings who lose their father early in childhood through adulthood. Some of it is a bit far fetched but overall I enjoyed the characters and

The Bride Test - Pretty much all my fiction lately has been random grabs from the library and I’m on a roll with good ones. Loved this book, especially once I found out more about the author and read her acknowledgements at the end of the book. A mom worried her autistic son might never marry brings home a trial bride from her recent trip to Vietnam. It sounds cheesy, but I really enjoyed it.

When the Air Hits Your Brain - Another random memoir selection from Audible and I loved it. Just enough medial speak to keep me interested without boring me (think Grey’s Anatomy level), but mostly heartfelt stories from a man looking back on his years as a neurosurgeon resident. It’s a job where you know you are going to lose people - I can’t even imagine. From babies, to pregnant mamas, to veterans, and everything in between. I cried, I laughed, like I said it was a random pick but I really loved it.

Normal People - I grabbed this from the library’s Peak Rewards when I saw the author was born in 1991 - I’m doing the summer reading bingo challenge and one of the squares is “published when author was under 35”. There is really no telling how I select books these days. Anyway, it was okay. A tale of the relationship, a messy mix of friendship and romance between two high schoolers who become university students. As I’ve mentioned and am no longer ashamed of, I tend to prefer my fiction be more “beach read”, so while I did enjoy the story it just wasn’t my favorite book.

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I would love to know what you are reading in the comments - some of my favorite books have been recommendations from friends!