March Favorites

I’ve only got love for March. We added a couch and a table to our new home, it did not snow, and I took a weekend away from the family for work. Things are very much looking up as spring arrives in Seattle. Here are a few of my favorites from the past month.


BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer - My blow dryer had been buzzing and making funny noises for months. Then it started to smell like smoke so I finally decided I should probably stop using it. Based on a recommendation from my hair stylist, I picked up a new one and I am actually excited about it. My hair feels more smooth and soft after a blow dry, but even better, this dryer only takes about the half the time that my old one did. I’ve already recommended to a few friends who are also loving it.

Weezer Teal Album - I am not a music person AT ALL. Typically, I prefer no background noise, including music. Greg introduced me to this album earlier in the month, which is all covers of popular 80s and 90s songs. And I’ve found myself asking Alexa to play it pretty much nightly as I make dinner and eat with the kids. Even the kids enjoy it and hearing them sing a few random words to songs like Africa is pretty hilarious.

Closet Staples Capsule Wardrobe Builder - Back in 2014, for the first time ever, I found a style that fit me well and I felt confident with getting dressed every day. Then I had two kids and I kept telling myself once I lose the weight I’ll dress cute again. Well sometime this month I said EFF THAT, I’m going to feel great now. So I went back to my old friend Alison with Get Your Pretty On to see what she had to offer. In 2014 I used her seasonal capsule wardrobe challenges to find my own sense of style. I was excited to see she had a full year staples challenge and grabbed it immediately. I’m still working on getting the pieces together, but I will for sure be sharing more. I’ve been sharing the process on Instagram.

Costco - We have never really been Costco people. I tried once right before C was born, but we didn’t go much so I never renewed. But now, now my kids eat SO MUCH FOOD. (Sometimes. Sometimes they eat nothing.) We just renewed our membership after two years and have been once. I excited about quite a few things we bought much cheaper than my normal store and I’m working on getting a trip into my rotation once a month. Check out my favorites from our first trip.

QuickBooks Self-Employed by Intuit - If you’re a small business owner, this is a necessary tool. For $5 per month ($10 after the first six months), you can organize all your expenses with zero hassle. For the last almost three years my inbox has filled up with receipt emails that I would eventually have to record and then save a PDF of into a folder for our accountant. Now, I just forward the email to my QuickBooks account and it’s all done for me. This is saving me an hour or two a month plus no more stress as my inbox fills up with receipts that need to be dealt with. This is one thing I really wish I knew about years ago.