March 2019 Book Review

Such a mix of books this month. And six of them! The power of being intentional about reading before bed, reading things I enjoy and skipping books that I just can’t get into, and a weekend away from the kids.

I bought a new business book that I just could not get into, so only read about two chapters of it and not sure I’ll ever finish it. This is why I usually check business type books out of the library first - I find I have a 50/50 chance of wanting to continue on after the first few chapters. But I did enjoy a handful of memoirs and fiction this month, so overall it was a win.

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March Books

How to Walk Away - Love this one! The story of a woman who faces a crushing blow just when everything seems to be lining up perfectly. Loved the characters and the story kept me entertaining and going to bed on time so I could read, which is all I really want from a fiction book.

Boy Erased - My Audible selection this month and I really wanted to like it. It was a random find while searching through memoirs, and I purchased it because I can’t imagine trying to change something fundamental about one of my children. I thought I would get really wrapped up in the story, but I just didn’t. I think it was more about the way the book was written - it jumped around in time - that made it hard to listen to versus read. I couldn’t quite keep track of what was going on and if we were in pre-conversion time or post. I’ve never said this before, but I think I might watch the recent movie because I would love to understand the story more.

Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love - I grabbed this off the Peak Perks shelf at the library (new books that you can’t put a hold on) and ended up really enjoying it. It’s the story of a writer who learns out in her early 50s that her father is not actually her bio father. I love how she jumped straight into the story; the memoir is one part exploring her biological family and one part her exploring what her life means if what she held true for 50+ years is not actually true.

The Lost Husband - I reserved this from the library after enjoying How to Walk Away (same author). And I loved it, also. Simple story but with characters I wanted to see happy and again, nice basic fiction that I love reading before bed. I’ll definitely check out more Katherine Center books for enjoyable fiction reads.

A Woman in the Window - I grabbed this at the airport on my way to leadership meetings with Beautycounter and I have mixed feelings. I was entertained and it definitely wasn’t super predictable for me. BUT, I’ve been having some major anxiety issues lately and in hindsight I probably should not have picked up a thriller right now. If you enjoy this type of book, it was very much like The Girl on the Train.

This Will Only Hurt A Little - I’ve been listening to this book for a few months, because after buying it on Audible I quickly realized it was not safe for kids, so it took some time to finish as I’m usually in the car with the kids. I loved Busy Philipps’ take on pretty much everything from motherhood to marriage to work. There are some … mature … stories and she drops the f word basically every paragraph, so might be best to keep this one to yourself. I was highly entertained for most of the book.

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What have you read recently! I don’t have anything on hold at the library right now and would love a few suggestions. We have a flight to Boston later this month (with the kids) and I’m pretending I’m going to get a bunch of reading time. While walking the dog yesterday I found maybe my best Little Free Library find yet, a copy of Glennon Doyle’s Love Warrior, that I’m excited to start tonight.