February Favorites

February wasn’t my favorite month and I swear I’ll stop complaining about it soon. But there are some favorites from this month to share, so here we go!

Madewill 10" High Rise Skinny Jean - I know these jeans are old news, but in case anyone else out there is living under a rock like I was, I finally got a pair and now I know why every single woman I know who has had a child recommends these jeans. I was sent a pair in my final StitchFix box and the second I pulled them on, I knew they were it for me. I’ve been trying to snag a second pair on thredUP but they go so fast it’s been impossible. Anyway, they do something with my body, the one that still doesn’t quite feel like mine nearly 2 years after my last baby was born, that makes me feel good.

3 in 30 Podcast - My friend Alexis has been telling me for months that I would love this podcast. And she was right. The whole idea is to give moms three doable takeaways in each episode. And she keeps them to 30 minutes, which means if you listen to them at 1.5 speed like I do, you can actually finish a podcast during an errand drive! I wanted to recommend a few favorites, but I’ve loved all that I’ve listened to.


Billie Razor Subscription - After using the same disposable razor for a good six months, only throwing it out once I carved up my leg, I ordered the Billie based on a friend’s recommendation. I had to wait about three weeks due to moving and snow to get my razor, and let me tell you it handled my “winter legs” like a champ. I love that it’s aesthetically pleasing in the shower, how well the magnetic holder works - not gimmicky at all, and that I’m all set up to be sent new blades on a schedule. Which has been keeping me true to my shaving goals. Which are not stretch goals by any stretch of the imagination, but I am shaving more consistently and for whatever reason, that makes me feel good.

Hot Yoga - For years I’ve been telling Greg that I think winter in Seattle would be easier for me if I went to hot yoga regularly and was warm from time to time. This year I felt like I finally had the space to make that happen (don’t underestimate postpartum, mamas, this took me 18+ months) and I am so happy I did. Between being warm, making taking care of myself a priority, and getting out of the house occasionally in the evening, it’s been such a winter game changer for me.

Citrus Defender - Have you heard of this new tea from Starbucks? It is so tasty. Because it’s not really tea. It’s half steamed lemonade with hot water, a little honey, and two Defense tea bags. I recommended rerouting to the nearest drive thru.