February 2019 Book Review

February was the month of… I don’t even know. Snowbound, sickness, living in a house with no furniture while snowbound and with sick kids. It wasn’t super fun, but I did stick with my reading intentions and finished a handful of books. Reading was the one thing that I felt like I had control over this month, so I hung on to it for dear life.

Book Review (2).png


The Water Cure - This was a random grab at the library and I don’t even know how to describe it. When I got it home and actually read the book jacket, I wasn’t super interested. It’s about three sisters living in a deserted area with their parents who are saving them from the degeneration of the world. I started it anyway and got pulled in. But it was so odd. Sort of dystopian, I guess? It was not my favorite, but I was intrigued enough to read the first 75% just to see what was going to happen. I ended up finishing the last 25% mostly by skimming just because I wanted a basic idea of how it wrapped up. Not on my recommended list.

The Dinner List - I believe this was a recommendation from someone, and my favorite book of the year, so far. The book flips chapters between unfolding a couple’s relationship and the couple attending a dinner party with a few other guests. This book is exactly what I want in fiction - easy to read (I read before bed), but entertaining and a plot that has me looking forward to getting off my computer and going to bed.

The Big Leap - I’ve had this book for years and I’ve started it many times but not been able to get into it. Lately I’ve seen a bunch of friends talk about it, so I forced myself to get a little farther in before quitting. I ended up finishing it, and I definitely took away a few solid personal development nuggets. But it was not the epiphany generating book for me that it has been for some friends. To quickly summarize, it’s about helping you determine ways you might unconsciously be holding yourself back from living your biggest life.

My Story (by Elizabeth Smart) - My Audible selection this month and I loved it. I remember the story well from news coverage, so hearing her tell what went on with her captors for the nine months they held her was fascinating. I also just felt inspired by how resilient she is and how she’s made such a beautiful life for herself. Bonus is that it was read by her, which are my favorite Audible memoirs.

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What did you read this month?!