April 2019 Book Review

It’s May 19th and I’m finally updating my April books, but better late than never?

We had a lot of plane time last month, and a lot of sickness, so there was a lot of time to read.

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April Books

Love Warrior - I love a good memoir and this didn’t disappoint. I’ve followed Glennon Doyle for quite some time on Instagram and learning a bit about her personal life and how her family evolved to where it is today was interesting and at time inspiring, watching her learn to heal herself before working on relationships with others.

Shoe Dog - This is Phil Knight’s memoir, but I’d definitely rate it in top three business books I’ve read, if not the top. It starts a little slow (I actually bought it on Audible in mid 2018 and stopped listening at some point) but about 1/3 of the way in it became an incredibly motivating and inspiring story. Basically, show up and work really hard without making excuses, and good things might happen.

Maid - When I get a new Audible credit I often scan the memoirs section until something catches me eye, and that’s how I found Maid. The story itself was captivating, about a young mom trying to survive as a house cleaner, but it also left me thinking about how I view the cost of labor. Cheap labor comes at the expense of some of the most vulnerable humans.

Nine Perfect Strangers - Loved this one! It was a great pre-bedtime fiction read. Kept me entertained - it follows several couples/singletons during a week at a health spa . Usually I don’t love books with a big cast of characters, but in this one it was easy to keep track of everyone and just enjoyable.

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I would love to know what you are reading in the comments - some of my favorite books have been recommendations from friends!