The Easiest Kid Birthday Party Formula

Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would be a kid birthday party fanatic.

I am not a big holiday person at all. It’s currently December 13th as I write this and we have a tree and stockings up, with zero plans to do any other Christmas decorating.

Kids birthday parties though? I am ALL IN.

While I will spend precious kid free hours on Pinterest and Etsy gathering ideas and finding the perfect item, I have a general formula that I follow for every birthday party. Because repeatable processes are one of my love languages.

I love our parties to be festive but I don’t want to spend a ton of money and I absolutely don’t want to be left with anything that I need to store. Using the following for every party is affordable and just the right amount of decor to say HOORAY without saying BIRTHDAY VOMITED IN THE HOUSE.

Wall Banner: I grab a banner from Etsy that matches our theme. Having something to hang across a wall is a cheap way (I go for paper ones) to make a big impact. Definitely look for ones that are already strung - made that mistake with the cactus wall hanging and it’s not a quick process to do it yourself.

Balloons: A big bunch of balloons in the corner of the room adds color. I usually get about 10 in colors that match the theme and also grab a large gold number balloon. I like taking pictures of the kids with this balloon so we have a similar photo from each year.

(We don’t have a gold 2 from Peanut’s second birthday because the woman who was blowing it up at the store burst it. I was 38 weeks pregnant and lucky for her my husband was the one out on balloon duty.)

Table Confetti: I love table confetti - just toss it on the table and it instantly screams party! I look for card stock confetti now; I love the way the tissue paper confetti looks but if it gets wet at all it sticks and is hard to clean up.

Dessert as decor: You’re likely already buying or making dessert for a birthday party, so why not use it as part of the decor. My go to is cupcake toppers that match the theme.

While I love parties, I do try to make them about my kids. I’ve picked the theme for both kids’ first birthdays (since they don’t have a clue), but Peanut has helped with her second (she was really into octopi so I went with that) and her third (she wanted a donut themed party). So far we have done:

Rainbow 1st Birthday

Cactus 1st Birthday

Octopus 2nd Birthday

Donut 3rd Birthday

Untitled design (2).png